Separating C++ Templates Into h and cpp files

C++ is known for separating classes into .h and .cpp files or header and source files respectively. A variety of reasons and motivations justify this approach. Among them are first and foremost the idea that C++ compilers need to know what to expect ahead of time in order to link properly. Another useful idea behindContinue reading “Separating C++ Templates Into h and cpp files”

Full Beginner JavaScript Course

This past summer I decided to give back to the developer community by offering a free course on JavaScript. The students participated in an 8-week course. Until now this course was only available to the students in the course. Today I have opened the course to everyone I hope you enjoy the course andContinue reading “Full Beginner JavaScript Course”

Calculated Attribute on Ruby Model

I was helping someone tackle a problem that required the use of a calculated property. You may not always want or be able to populate your model directly from the database. Sometimes you may to need to aggregate some data and add that to your record. Maybe you can, but more of a hobbyist thanContinue reading “Calculated Attribute on Ruby Model”

Full Stack .Net Developer for 2 Years

I’ve not written a blog post for several months now. I’ve been busy doing other things but the main reason I’ve not written a blog post is because I’ve been trying to keep up with my team at work. My team is composed of some truly A rated developers. Being the least experienced, in termsContinue reading “Full Stack .Net Developer for 2 Years”

default(T) in C# and why Java does not have something similar

When you use generics ,your classes or functions behave like templates. We don’t call them templates in C#. In C++ we call them templates but in C# and Java we simply call them Generics but let’s face it, they are templates… in the true meaning of templates. I say that because they serve as templatesContinue reading “default(T) in C# and why Java does not have something similar”

Higher-Order Functions

JavaScript Terms Part 1 I think many programmers would agree that learning JavaScript is one of the most challenging tasks compared to learning other languages. Many terms are, for the most part, unheard of in other languages. Among them are terms like higher order functions, hoisting, truthy, falsey, coercion, currying and closures. Because these thingsContinue reading “Higher-Order Functions”